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As a company we take a huge pride in our work and our aim is to provide a complete service within the chandelier lighting field.  Customer Service is of the utmost importance to us and we strive to offer an unsurpassed service for not only chandelier cleaning and restoration but also for installations, removals, packaging, transportation, storage and load testing.  Our belief is that to build a strong and enduring company, the client should expect and receive the highest standards of service and workmanship.  We want our clients to be confident in the knowledge that they will never be let down by us.

Our company has built its reputation on good old-fashioned principles and values and we continue to believe that the best form of advertising for our chandelier services is recommendation.  Our goal is to be a straightforward, open and honest company who are always contactable and available to our clients, we will never try to baffle you with technical jargon or push you to have more work done than is necessary.  We are always led by our clients requirements, after all, you know your chandeliers and your needs better than we do.

Please be assured that no chandelier job is too big or too small to be undertaken and we are always happy to discuss your needs and requirements. We understand that every contract is unique and all of our clients are individuals.

We offer you:
  • A personalised, reliable chandelier service tailored to meet your needs
  • Quality workmanship of the highest standards across all of our services
  • An experienced and professional team who are always friendly and approachable
  • Competitive prices for all of our services
  • Both regular contract work or one-off visits (whichever is more convenient for you)
  • All work and personnel are fully insured
  • Complete client satisfaction

Why Choose Us

As a team we will offer a service which is unsurpassed within our company’s industry, we are smart, professional, skilled and friendly.  We are willing to go that extra mile in the belief that the client has the right to expect a first class job every time, whatever the size of the contract.  Honesty and integrity are of the utmost importance to us and we believe that a company’s reputation is everything.  If you choose our company to carry out your chandelier works, we are confident that we will never disappoint you and you will be sure to not only use our services again in the future, but will also be happy to recommend us at every opportunity without hesitation.

Our Services

Installation and Removal

Cleaning and Maintenance

Restoration and Repair

Installation and Removal


When you are ready to install your chandelier (now or in the future), or you need planning stage advice, we are happy to offer any help necessary. If you have an existing fixing point to hang the chandelier from, we will load test it to make sure it is strong enough to take the weight of the chandelier being fitted. If you do not have a fixing point in place, we can install one which will take the appropriate weight. If necessary, we will reinforce above where the chandelier is to be fitted with extra supporting timberwork and, if required, we will supply and install a steel plate to guarantee safety for all.

Whatever your chandelier installation requirements, we can make arrangements accordingly. Whether you have purchased a brand new, still boxed chandelier in component form (which needs building or putting together) or you have purchased a chandelier at auction, or even inherited a much loved family heirloom, we can tailor our service to your requirements. We have successfully carried out installations for previous clients and have a strong knowledge and wide ranging experience in this area.


You may need your chandelier removed for various reasons. You may have decided to change the chandelier; you are moving and wish to take it with you to your new property; you are having building or decorating works carried out and you need it removed and stored temporarily to keep it safe. Whatever your reasons, we can help. We can remove your chandelier, dismantle it into component form, and then package ready for safe and secure transportation. We would never transport an assembled chandelier by choice, as this greatly increases the risk of damage to the fitting. We always strive for the chandelier to arrive at its destination in the same condition as when it was removed.

If required, we can arrange for the chandelier to be cleaned before removal and packing, so it is sparkling and ready for installation when it completes its journey. We can supply all the materials necessary for packaging for safe transportation.

We offer you:
  • Provision of all installation materials, hooks, eyes, shackles, timber, steel plates, and chains (we only use rated and load tested equipment); our own access equipment, ladders, scaffolding, etc.; all packing materials (unless the client chooses otherwise)
  • Secure storage of the clients chandeliers at our workshop, either on a short or long term basis
  • Various options for both installation and removal

Cleaning and Maintenance


When you see the same chandelier day in and day out, it can come as a real shock when you suddenly realise just how tired and dirty the fitting has become! Whether you require a one-off clean, or regular monthly intervals, we can tailor our services to meet your individual needs.


Some clients choose the peace of mind that ongoing chandelier cleaning and maintenance offers, so that they never have to question the cleanliness or safety of their fitting. Our experienced team will check the condition of the fitting during the cleaning process, we will also carry out any minor or ongoing repairs necessary and carry out lamp changes, if required.

We also offer load testing of fixing points, as part of our ongoing maintenance service. This has become a regular service we carry out within public access buildings, i.e. hotels, theatres, livery companies and corporate buildings. Many insurance companies are now asking for this to be carried out on an annual basis and we are happy to assist with this. If you would like more information on our load testing service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer you:
  • The option of a one-off clean or on-going regular visits
  • Traditional hand cleaning and polishing
  • Various cleaning and maintenance options. On-site cleaning or removal to our workshops
  • We use soft flooring to protect all hard floor surfaces i.e. tiles, wooden flooring and marble
  • Clean dustsheets are used to protect rugs, carpets and soft furnishings
  • Load testing of chandelier fixing points is available to all clients
  • On-site fault finding and repairs wherever possible
  • Chandelier frame repairs
  • Replacement pieces, hand made for an exact match in both glass and metal
  • Metalwork plating: brass, chrome, 24kt gold, nickel, other finishes also available

Restoration and Repair


Is your chandelier still as beautiful as it once was? Is it looking a little tired and in need of some TLC?  If “Yes”, then you may need us to come and give it a good clean to bring back its sparkle and movement. If “No”, then you may need more of an in-depth service, which we are happy to provide.

Your chandelier may need a full or partial restoration and we would be happy to discuss all the available options with you. Each chandelier becomes individual and unique by it’s history, but regardless of how it has been treated in the past, be assured that our team are highly skilled in returning your chandelier to its former glory.

Our glass department check all chandelier dress glass for partial restoration. They check not only for chipped and damaged pieces, but also if any are missing and need to be replaced. They check for correct hanging of all pieces and then each piece of glass is thoroughly hand cleaned and polished, before it is repacked ready for transportation. The dress glass for all full restoration contracts is always fully repinned using the relevant metal pins or wire to complete the work correctly. Our team are highly skilled in all forms of glass pinning, from traditional English hook and eye, bar pinning, to French and American pinning. Not only do we have all of the correct pins, but we also have the skills to fit them precisely.


We have worked on many chandeliers over the years which have sustained differing levels of damage… from broken glass arms and pans, to chandeliers which have fallen from the ceiling after a hook or fixing gave way.

We have also carried out repair work for insurance companies after extensive flooding and fire damage. The size of the repair is irrelevant to us, it is about returning a chandelier to its former glory.  We are always happy to give you options for what needs doing, whether you need to have several pieces hand made to replicate the broken items, or just a minor repair or rewire of a lamp holder, we are here to assist.

We offer you:
  • A totally free and no obligation assessment of your chandelier to ascertain the work required
  • Re-pinning carried out by our highly skilled glass department
  • Full or partial restoration, rewiring, repairs to glass or metalwork, removal and transportation to our workshops if required. Clients can deliver and collect their fittings directly to reduce costs
  • If removal or installation is required then we supply our own access equipment & packaging

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